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Bio Wax Wraps

XL - Single 1
3 Pack 1 1 1
Family Pack 2 1 1 1
Lunch Pack 2 2
Small 20cm by 22cm Great for snack sized foods, soft cheeses, cover jars, this one always comes in handy.
Medium 27cm by 33cm Ideal for standard sandwiches, bowls, smaller  blocks of cheese and cut fruit 
Large 33cm by 36cm Perfect for large or double sandwiches, 1kg blocks of cheese, quarter pumpkins, large veggies, greens from the garden.
Xtra Large 44cm by 50cm  Use to wrap loafs of bread, or covering big bowls, or even tasty summer rock and watermelons.

***Patterns may vary slightly pack to pack***

*** Sizes may very slightly pack to pack***

KOH Beeswax Wrap is your perfect, eco-friendly reusable food wrap and an alternative to plastic. Made from 100% cotton that is infused with our beeswax, tree resin and organic coconut oil. 

Perfect for kids lunches, sandwiches, veggies, fruit, to cover bowls, and any thing else you can think of. Great easy to use and clean product.

KOH Beeswax Wraps do not like hot water, after each wash your wrap will lose stiffness. 

Each wrap should last approx. 2 months before needing to be re:waxed.

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