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where does manuka honey come from?

Manuka is a Maori word for a scrubby tree with the convoluted Latin name of Leptospermum scoparium. A native in New Zealand, it grows throughout the country, in the drier climate, both the North and South Islands. It’s also an important plant for regenerating eroded soil. By creating shade and shelter, it’s like a natural nursery for slower, more delicate native plants.

where is manuka honey so unique?

Manuka honey is unique because of the ‘NPA ‘non-peroxide activity’. All honey has hydrogen peroxide (HPA) naturally occurring which gives most honeys a mild antibiotic quality. NPA ‘non-peroxide activity’ is unique to Manuka Honey.




can honey be used for cooking?

Honey is a pantry staple for your cooking. Great for glazing, a natural preservative for pickles and sauces, it also retains moisture for deliciously dense, moist cakes, with a touch of colour. Foodies love Manuka honey! It has also been used to replace sugar in drinks and baking.

how do you use manuka honey?

The are many creative ways to use Manuka honey. For breakfast on toast, drizzled over porridge or in your tea/hot drink is great when it’s cold out. We even know of people who have a spoonful before they exercise for a quick, natural energy boost. It also has been used in homemade beauty products, and can be used in all sorts of cooking as a natural sugar.

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